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20131127 Visit to Seoul

All PennDot District 11 Cameras - From the Point to the Turnpike - 60 second refresh rate

PennDot District 11 Cameras - From the Point to the Turnpike - 60 second refresh rate

Family Picture July 2010 (missing Nick)


Vacation pictures Summer 2010. (Not organized)

Cable Car Video.
Point Lobos wave action.
Pebble Beach Bird Flight.
Roaring Camp Railroad.

Las Vegas Half Marathon November 17 2013 - 2:31:37 - 101th or 225 in age group

Need to add track from Philadelphia Half Marathon run November November 21 2010

ChipTime = 02:12:27

Overall = 4615 of 8388 finishers

Among Males 55-59 79 of 149 finishers (moving up to next age group soon!)



San Francisco Marathon 2010 Wave Three start
You can see me at 1:15 into the video wearing a yellow shirt and black shorts
just before the spectator crosses in front of the camera.


Need to add track from Philadelphia Half Marathon run November November 21 2010 Bib FName LName City State Div Age Sex 24503 Robert Drombosky Monroeville PA MALES 55 TO 59 59 M ChipTime ClockTime Overall SexPlace DivPlace 02:12:27 02:13:29 4615 of 8388 2079 of 3020 79 of 149

My overall finishing position - 2010 San Francisco Half Marathon
I finished ahead of a lot of runners less than half my age.
I beat the oldest finisher who was 83.

Finishing position 12th out of 38 people my age who finished the Half Marathon



2010 San Francisco Half Marathon headlines




Routes run in 2009 as captured by GPS in my phone.


Memorable 2009 runs (start and end at Bellefield):


Pittsburgh Half Marathon May 2 2009 - 48th out of 112 finishers in my age group. [IMAGE]

Ran Great Race (10K) September 2009 and Spirit of Pittsburgh Half Marathon in November 2009.

July 2010 ran San Francisco Marathon (first half).

November 2010 ran Philadelphia Marathon (first half).

March 2011 (will) run New York Manahatten Half Marathon.


How I spent winter 2008-2009.

Web camera

Karyn's National Honor Society - April 2007

High School Play - Karyn on the Oboe and Kit House Manager - April 2007

Kit's National Honor Society - April 2006

Home remodeling - May 2006

Karyn named Drum Major for Gateway Band 2006-2007 School Year - June 2006

Gateway Band

Band and Color Guard pictures Fall 2006.

Vacation pictures Summer 2004.

Miscellaneous pictures 2004.


Bulgaria trip pictures August 2002.

France trip pictures February 2002.


California Vacation Videos July 2007

Other Youtube videos



1995 - 1999 - 2004





A family picture - Pomponio Beach California August 1999 [IMAGE]





Same beach July 2004 [IMAGE]





California July 2007 [IMAGE] California Park Link


Data Communications System Engineering

years experience designing and implementing a wide range of data communications systems.

Legacy Systems, Servers, LANs, Personal Computers, WANs, Wireless

Recognition/Awards - 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1997 1998 2000

Speaker/Presenter Annual Executive Customer Forums - 1998 1999 2000


Experienced with Small to Medium Enterprise data communications needs.

Local networks, wireless connectivity, file servers, automated backups, automated off-site backups, VPN inter-office connectivity, business oriented network infrastructure, managed Internet access.


Areas of Engineering and Implementation Experience

Click HERE to see what my home network used to look like (kinda)

Home network recent acquisitions:

NetScreen Firewall

Server 2003 - upgraded to Server 2008 July 2009 with Hyper-V, 8GB

Active Directory


Volunteer Activities

Business Link

University of Pittsburgh

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You can call me at (four one two)-832-0603.

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